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Review: The Alloy of Law

The Alloy of Law
The Alloy of Law by Brandon Sanderson

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

A few months ago it came across Twitter and Facebook that Brandon Sanderson’s new book was coming out in November, and if you acted quickly enough you could even get him to sign one for you. This was something that I could not pass up with both my husband and I being fans of the Mistborn series. I ordered it and having that securely done completely forgot about it. Then, on November 8th, a package arrived that was book sized and after fighting with the wrapping on it (three layers, plus tape!) I was able to reveal which book I had ordered.

While it was for the both of us, I was able to read it before my husband and I have to say... Brandon Sanderson did not disappoint me. The story has the same allomantic properties and theories as the first three Mistborn books, but this one takes place 300 years after the original trilogy. With this fact, one of the great things Brandon Sanderson did was include technology advances. Within the story you find that automobiles are brand new, people are just receiving electrical lights within their homes and replacing candles. There are trains coming and going as normal transportation. The world has changed from the first Mistborn books and the reactions of the people living within that time period to the changes echo that of people in our world when these same changes happened.

Within the book there are also sections of newspapers which express what is happening within the main city. While some pieces of information are conveyed through the telling of the story, these pieces also hold short little stories or ads, which add small details to the world Brandon Sanderson has created and grown. There is even some stories which, unless you read, you will not understand parts in the story itself.

The story itself is very classic and easy to follow along. The allomantic powers are similar and yet different from the original trilogy and also show some slight metamorphosing from the original metals. There are also a couple of metals which are used in this stand alone, which were not used in the original trilogy.

All in all a wonderful read and great addition to the Mistborn books. The ending leaves the opportunity for Mr. Sanderson to write another book, but as of now it appears to be a stand alone. If you have not seen Fantasy Factions interview with Brandon Sanderson, please take a moment and check it out at:

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